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SCPAC Booking Calendar

Dorchester School District Two
Performance Date Request Form

DD2 Fine Arts ONLY

Acoustical Shell
Upload PDF
Do you want your event LIVE streamed?
NOTE:  If you would like your event video recorded, you will need to supply a 64GB SD card  (1-hour recording) to store the recording onto.
If so, what stream host will you be using?
NOTE:  If YouTube is selected, you will need to provide the RTMP info for YOUR YouTube channel.  If Ludus is selected, the SCPAC will handle all technical aspects of the LIVE stream.
Rooms Needed:
Please note that supervision is required for all students.
**RMSA facilities require approval from RMSA administration.   If  there is a conflict with the RMSA schedule, your request will be denied.
* Required fields

Thank you for submitting your performance request. Events are not confirmed until all paperwork is approved and signed by all parties. The SCPAC staff is looking forward to working with you.

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