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Scheduling Your Fine Arts Performance at the SCPAC

The Summers Corner Performing Arts Center is a DD2 facility and is available for all DD2 middle and high school fine and performing arts performances.  The SCPAC calendar becomes available to all DD2 middle and high school fine arts programs every February 1st for the following school year.  These performances are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.  To schedule your fine arts performance, please complete the following steps.


  • Contact Matt Laughlin at the Summers Corner Performing Arts Center.  You will need to have the following information in mind when placing your reservation:

    • Rehearsal/Performance Date(s)

    • Rehearsal Time

    • Performance Start/End Time

    • Doors Open Time (Recommended 45 minutes prior to the performance start time) (Patrons are not admitted during rehearsals)


  • Complete the SCPAC In-District Reservation Form 


  • Complete the SCPAC Ticketing Form

  • If DD2 requires the completion of the Event Application, please complete that paperwork immediately after reserving your date at the SCPAC.  All events are scheduled as tentative until approval is granted.  Once you have obtained approval from the district office, please notify Matt Laughlin at the SCPAC.

Preparing for your event and planning the details.


A member of the SCPAC staff will schedule a production meeting (via Teams) with you to discuss your technical, staging, rigging and ticketing requirements.  This meeting needs to take place two weeks before your performance.  A stage plot is required one-week prior to your performance.  Our goal is to have your stage set when you arrive for your performance.



Please feel free to use the above PDF files to complete your stage plot.  Neat, hand-drawn stage plots are acceptable.

School Personnel Requirements for Your Performance.


Performing at the SCPAC is different from performing in your school gym or cafetorium.  The facility is much larger with a 1000+ seating capacity.  In addition, the SCPAC has professional audio, lighting, staging, and rigging equipment that only our staff can operate.  There are many facets of production that that SCPAC staff are required to manage to facilitate your show in a safe manner.  Student supervision will not be the responsibility of the SCPAC staff.  Therefore, all events will require the following personnel from your school:


  • One admin from your school to serve as the Front of House manager to manage all student needs, emergencies, and patron situations.  This admin needs to be in the lobby when doors open and remain accessible through the conclusion of the performance.


  • Due to student safety concerns, proper student supervision is necessary at all times.


  • Eight to ten ushers to be available 30 minutes prior to doors opening and to work through the first 20 minutes of the performance.  Late arriving patrons will require assistance and we do not want them to interrupt your student’s performance.  It is recommended that these volunteers wear school apparel so that they are easily identifiable by patrons.  Usher responsibilities cannot fall to the security officer on duty for the event.



Fees for having your performance at the SCPAC.


Having your fine arts performance at the SCPAC does not involve a lot of fees, in fact, the rental and equipmentfees all rental fees are waived for all DD2 fine arts performances.  However, any fees incurred by the SCPAC in association with the production / support of your event will be the responsibility of the school or department conducting the event.  Below is a list of the current charges that you could be billed for.


  • Custodial Staff

Custodial staff is required for all events beginning from when doors open and working through the completion of all clean up following your event.  Custodial Services are billed at $25 per person, per hour.


  • Additional Production Staff

Should your concert or show production needs exceed what the Stage Manager and Auditorium Manager can facilitate, additional trained production technicians will be contracted at the rate of $45 per person, per hour.  The contracted time will be for all load-in, rehearsals, performance times, and load-out.


  • Security

Security is required for all events at the SCPAC.  Currently, DD2 is not charging the schools / departments for having security at their events.


  • Ushers

Ushers required for all events and must be available 30 minutes prior to doors opening and to work through the first 20 minutes of the performance. Volunteer teachers and staff from your school can fill this role.  If you do not want to schedule ushers from your school, the SCPAC can schedule them as a paid position and the school / program will be billed at $35 per person, per hour.

Blank Stage Plot with Acoustical Shell
Blank Stage Plot without Acoustical Shell
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