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The SCPAC has some of the best audio equipment on the market.  The front of house audio desk has a Yamaha QL5 mixer with several BiAmp sound processing units.  The front of house also has a variety of Renkus-Hienz line array products to include units from the VA101i series. 


· Yamaha QL5 Digital mixing console - 64 mono, 8 stereo, Dante         

· Renkus Heinz VA101i-7/12R (4)

· Renkus Heinz VA101i-7/9-R (8)

· Renkus Heinz VA101i-7/912-R (2)

· Renkus Heinz VA101i-15/12-R (4)

· Renkus Heinz VA101i-22/12-R (2)

· Renkus Heinz  VA15SI-R (6)

· Renkus Heinz CF61-2R (9)

· BiAmp Server-IO AVB

· Denon DN-700R Solid State Audio Player w/ RS232

· Shure SM 58 (6)

· Shure ULXD2/SM58 UHF Digital Wireless Handheld Transmitter with SM58Microphone Coordinate Frequency (4)

· Shure ULXD4D UHF Digital Wireless Two Channel Receiver (2)

· Shure ULXD1 UHF Digital Wireless Body Pack Transmitter (4)

· Shure UA874 Directional antenna (2)

· Additional mics to be purchased.

For a complete listing, contact the Auditorium Manager.

The basic rental does not include any sound equipment. If your event requires sound, you will need to indicate that on the rental request form.   All organizations who rent the facility MUST provide their own music.  The SCPAC does not provide music to be played.  If your rental requires sound and you want to use the SCPAC equipment, the Auditorium Manager will contract a qualified technician for your event.  Rates and fees apply for all sound rentals.


The SCPAC can light up your event with some of the best lighting fixtures you can find.  From ETC ColorSource LED ellipsoidal fixtures to over 30 ETC moving lights; the SCPAC has everything you need.

· ETC ION XE 3000 with 2X20 Fader Wing Light Control Console

· ETC Series ColorSource Spot, LED Ellipsoidal (60)

· ETC ColorSource Par (40)

· ETC D40, Studio Tungsten, (14)

· Altman SpectraCyc 200-RDBA (8)

· Altman, 150W PHX LED Profile Spot 10 degree, 3000K LED array (8)

· Altman, 150W PHX LED Profile Spot 15-30 degree zoom, 3000k LED  (30)

· High End Systems, SolaFrame 1000 LED, Moving Light (12)

· ETC, Releve Spot, Moving Light (20)

For a complete listing, contact the Auditorium Manager.

 The basic rental includes house lights and stage lights on with no changes (i.e. the house lights do NOT dim). For any lighting cues, (including the house lights dimming), a lighting package must be indicated on the Rental Request Form.  A lighting plot is available on request.  Any additional lighting requests MUST be submitted with the Rental Request Form.   If your rental requires lighting, the Auditorium Manager will contract a qualified technician for your event. Rates and fees apply for all lighting package rentals.

Whether your event contains an orchestra, vocal presentation, dance show or otherwise; there will always stage equipment needed.  Below is a list of available stage equipment for your rental.

Concert Grand Piano

Musicians Chairs

Music Stands

Percussion Instruments

Wenger Diva Acoustical Shell

Wenger Choral Risers (Standing)

Wenger Instrument Risers (Sitting)

Marley Dance Floor

Please see the Rental Request Form rental prices or contact the Auditorium Manager for additional information.

Seating and Stage Dimensions

· Total Seating -1018

· Total Main Floor Seating - 692

· Total Balcony Seating - 326

· Stage Depth from Front Thrust to back wall – 49’-8””

· Stage Depth from Front Thrust to rear Cyclorama – 41’-8”

· Front Thrust to main curtain – 6’-6”

· Proscenium Opening Width – 53’-6”

· Proscenium Opening Height – 27’-9”

· Proscenium to back curtain  – 37’-4”

·Stage Right 24' x 42'

·Stage Left 23' x 42'

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